Wendy’s Wise Words of Wisdom

Dear Wendy,

I have a question regarding men’s hairstyles. As I move closer to graduating from law school, I can no longer deny that I am balding. What do you think I should do about this, especially considering my ongoing job search and the interviews I hope to get over the next several months? 

—-Growing Hairless in Hartford

Dear Growing Hairless,

Hmm, this is quite the quandary, Growing Hairless. Under normal circumstances, I would beg you to shave it all off now before people start noticing–bald is always better than balding! However, you’re entering a tough employment market and and you’d be foolish to make hasty hair decisions at this point. If you go completely bald now, the glare from your glossy head might be distracting at an interview. You might be deemed a little too flashy: no substance, all looks. They’ll think to themselves, “Is this obviously vain gentleman willing to devote 90% of his waking hours to being a motion-drafting machine? Not with that head!” On the contrary, keeping yourself in that visibly balding state might increase your marketability. You might feel self-conscious, yes. But just explain that your dedication to achieving that stellar resume (your resume is stellar, right? of course it is) has resulted in sleepless nights, malnutrition or obesity, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, and a somewhat-diminished-but-surely-distinguished head of hair and you will find success.




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