A Guide to Hartford’s Pizza Scene

By Erin O’Dea

One year ago I moved out of New York state for the first time to attend the University of Connecticut. As a New Yorker, there is one thing I appreciate the state for most, other than bagels – pizza. Whether you are coming from a different state or familiar with the Hartford area, this is everything you need to know about pizza from someone who has been spoiled with only the best mozzarella, tomato and crust combinations. First of all, eat pizza every Friday. Pizza Fridays don’t just apply to Catholics during the lent season. Not only do you get to celebrate the week being over, but you don’t have to worry about dinner because all week you have been looking forward to the cheesy goodness that is pizza.

Hartford’s pizza scene does not disappoint:

Joey’s Pizza: not quite from the city streets of New York, but the most comparable in the area in relation to grease. The crust could sometimes be more on the soggy side than crispy, but overall it earns a 4.5/5. If you are lucky enough you will experience this pizza in the first few days at UConn, as it is a popular pick for the organized 1L events.
Angelina’s Pizza: The pizza at Angelina’s is mediocre at best, but for Connecticut, its something to look forward to in your Friday afternoon class. The wait is longer than most pizza places, so don’t go when you starving. 3/5.
Luna Pizza: Luna is on the outskirts of West Hartford Center. Although it serves pizza by the slice (a rarity at dinner time in the area – be prepared for personal pies at dinner time), its plain cheese slice is disappointing. Go for the specialty slices! 4/5.
Harry’s Pizza: Harry’s pizza is the king of this list. The grease, the crust, and the cheese ratios are exactly what pizza in Connecticut should be. It could even hold its own in Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean it would be the place of choice in New York. 5/5.
Wood-n-Tap: Don’t forget about restaurants when considering where to go on your newly appointed Pizza Fridays. The Wood-n-Tap serves a good personal pie, just be sure to ask for it well done to avoid the risk of soggy crust. 4.5/5.
Dino’s Pizzeria: Dino’s scores the lowest on the list thus far. However, it has the smallest personal pie for when you aren’t too hungry. The nicest old-school Italian family owns the place and is super welcoming. Keep in mind for when you are all by your lonesome on a Pizza Friday – you’ll be welcomed and handed a newspaper. 2.5/5
Prospect Pizza: Very low prices for the personal pie business unbeknownst to New Yorkers, but the pizza quality will not satiate your need for a pizza on Friday. 1/5.