Diary of a 2L

by Sarah Ricciardi

Remember when they told us – “hey, don’t worry, the first year’s the hardest – the rest is all pie”?  Well, guess what – I’m four weeks in, and I’m thinking soufflé is the better dessert comparison. You finally get everything done and off your shoulders and then bam! – as soon as you’re out of the oven, it all comes caving in. Admittedly, that might not be the most coherent analogy, but you get my drift.

I’m not saying I wasn’t busy as a 1L, but the pressure only increases over time.  With a few exceptions, 1Ls spend all day, everyday studying. They don’t have internships, E-board positions, or journal cite checks. While I don’t actually envy the extensive 1L course load, I do wish I had taken better advantage of the lack of extracurricular responsibilities. This year, time-management has become my most valuable skill.  So over the past month, I’ve come up with a few tips for maximizing efficiency:

First things first, start wearing a watch (one that actually works – none of that decorative nonsense) – you’re a grown up now, and punctuality is not just a fancy vocabulary word.  Second, save TV marathons for when you’re highlighting your source-recovery binders – no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to rationalize watching eight episodes of “The Bachelor” instead of doing your Crim Pro homework (however, “Law & Order” is always justifiable).  Third, have K-cups on you at all times – there are machines everywhere – and they’re magical.  Fourth, invest in some flash cards and a few bottles of pinot noir – if you’re going to drown your sorrows in booze (which, let’s be honest, you will), at least be classy about it – and try to sprinkle in a little studying.  Finally, try to limit the emotional breakdowns to your commute. Crying while driving- completely acceptable.  Crying while in line for the vending machine. . . well it’s not unheard of.