Diary of a 2L

by Sarah Ricciardi

Caveat lector – this is entirely my opinion, and I have done absolutely no research to back up my ridiculous (and admittedly judgmental) claims.

The 2L class has officially been split up into three groups. While the exact number is unknown at this time, it seems that about a third of the 2L class has secured some form of employment for summer 2014. These students are doing their best not to boast, but let’s be honest, they’re effectively set. And the rest of us secretly hate them for it. A 2L summer position leads to a 3L externship, which leads to post-graduation employment, which inevitably leads to glory and riches. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

The next group of students includes those that don’t have a summer position secured and are REALLY worried about it. These poor souls can be seen wandering around campus with crumpled resumes in their hands, leaving a trail of human hair that is presumably falling out of their heads at such a high rate that their ragged owners are sure to go bald before spring fling. I constantly find myself trying not to slap them and shout, “Pull it together! No one is going to hire you if you’ve got mascara in your teeth!”

The last group of 2Ls, of which I am a proud member, include those students who have not secured a summer position and aren’t the least bit concerned. These students are both overly confident and unjustifiably optimistic. I would say I probably fall into the latter category in that I have become very good at ignoring the prospective job market for lawyers – or the lack thereof. Even though we are nearly half way through our law school careers, a year and a half seems like an awfully long time. If I can’t secure a job in 545 days, then I don’t deserve one! I will live in my mother’s basement and watch Access Hollywood all day while simultaneously figuring out a way to sue Nabisco for an injunction that would require Oreos to be made with more cookie and less stuffing. That may not be the most healthy life plan, but at least I’ve got hair!

Eh… just to be on the safe side, I might invest in a really awesome hat.