Rush Limbaugh Targets UConn Law Student on Healthcare

by Sidd Sinha

brendan mahoney

With the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” and a government shutdown dominating the headlines, one would only expect for these issues to hit Connecticut in some form. What has raised some eyebrows, though, was when one of the advocates for the government shutdown targeted a UConn Law student to make his point.

Rush Limbaugh, well known for his conservative radio show, broadcasted his opinion of Brendan Mahoney, a 3L UConn Law student, being an example of the inefficiency of the program. “Here we have a future lawyer…and he’s been converted into a welfare case. And that ladies and gentleman is the objective,” Limbaugh said on his show in early October. “When you strip it all away, this shows how all of this is really designed to work.”

The situation came about when Mahoney volunteered to do an interview with the Hartford Courant, which would go on to be a source for a Wall Street Journal article, about being registered for the Affordable Care Act. The Wall Street Journal is where Limbaugh found out about Mahoney and would go on to use Mahoney as an example of why the program is a poor option for the American public. Mahoney found out about the comments Limbaugh made from his parents.


While Mahoney can attest he met a writer for the local story in the Courant, he was never approached by Limbaugh or the Wall Street Journal for comment. He said he tried reaching out to the author of the Wall Street Journal article, James Taranto, via social media only to be ignored.

“On one hand, I’m glad to be a part of the debate [of the Affordable Care Act], but on the other hand, [I’m] disappointed that we’re re-litigating a question that was answered by passing the act, having the act’s constitutionality upheld, and a presidential election,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney finds it interesting that Limbaugh’s comments focus on the perception that law students have resources and/or are certain to have some type of wealth in their future. It seems that in an effort to make a point about the disagreements he has with the Affordable Care Act, Limbaugh has shown that he is actually far-removed from parts of society due to his assumptions.

Pro Se has reached out to Limbaugh, but has yet to hear a response.