Student Organization Spotlight: PILG

by Brooke Thompson

The Public Interest Law Group (PILG) is one of the largest and most involved groups on campus. They are best known for the annual Public Interest Law Group Auction, although they also run seven different legal aid programs that allow students to gain real world experience in a variety of legal fields while earning pro bono hours.

PILG’s main event is the annual auction, held each fall, said PILG president Allie Roisman. Members solicit donations from local businesses, which are auctioned off and the funds used to create grants that are allocated to students pursuing public interest summer jobs. Every year the auction has enjoyed a large and diverse roll of attendees including law students, alumni, and members of the community at large. This year’s auction, on Nov. 8, has a masquerade theme, Roisman said.

PILG also provides myriad opportunities for students to get involved and earn pro bono hours. Current programs include the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP), Homeless Experience Legal Protection (HELP), the Domestic Assistance Program, the Truancy Intervention Project, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), the Small Claims Workshop, and the Keep the Power On clinic. Hours spent working in these programs are approved for the Pro Bono Pledge program, in which students can pledge to complete either 50 or 100 pro bono hours upon graduation from the law school.