Course Archive Information

by Martin Mack

As previously reported, the new UConn Law website is being continuously updated. One of the major concerns of the new website is functionality, as the large, unmanageable size of the previous website made it impossible to navigate without using Google or other third-party search engines and targeted search terms.

Course pages contributed to the previous website’s bulk. The old website had a system in place to import data from PeopleSoft, creating a new page for each course offering each semester. Although the pages added to the unsustainable bulk, they did allow students to view historical course data.  From this data, students could then determine patterns for course offerings and generate a rough three-year course plan based on that information. Though these individual pages are no longer part of the current website, students can still access all of that data directly from the PeopleSoft database using the Dynamic Class Search.

Originally buried in the main campus’ website, the tool has been added to the UConn Law Student Portal. From the Student Portal, navigate to the “Academic Life” tab (labeled 1 above), and then click on “Public Access Catalog Search” (labeled 2 above).

To use the database above, follow the link and then simply check the box “Law School” in the middle of the page, “Law 7000-7999” to the right, then select a semester on the top left (as indicated above). To use the tool to see a complete list of historical course offerings, uncheck the “Open Classes Only” toggle. Once you click “search” you will see the courses offered, the enrollment limits and totals, how many sections were offered, and the professor. Additional information on the course, such as exams or upper-class writing qualifications, may be accessed by clicking the “Class Nbr” in the left hand column. Though the tool does not provide other information, such as grade distributions, it is but one of many tools students can use to plan their three years at UConn Law.

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