Student Organization Spotlight: Christian Legal Society

by Liz O’Donnell

The Christian Legal Society (“CLS”) at UConn Law is a local chapter of a national organization that is interested with the way tenants of Christianity may be applied to the law.

According to CLS’s student organization page, the society meets weekly during the lunch hour to “eat, study the bible, have a great discussion, and to take a break from the week.”

“Our primary events over the last couple of years have been weekly lunch meetings where we discuss issues,” said President Stephen Lyons. “This semester we’ve tried to get involved with other areas too.”

Stephen Lyon President of CLS

Stephen Lyon
President of CLS

This fall, CLS teamed up with the Federalist Society to bring Senator James Buckley, a former senator and judge on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, to UConn Law to speak about the role of religion in American public life.

“Between 50 and 60 people attended, including people from the community,” Lyons said. “Dean Fisher reached out to the seminary and local religious organizations and invited them to participate, [so] it was great to see interest from the community outside UConn Law too.”

While the group still meets for weekly lunches, Lyons said he hopes more members of the campus community would be open to participate.

“One of the pros of the club is that it is a sanctuary in the middle of the week where people can take off armour for a minute and relax,” he said. “We haven’t had as much success in trying to let people know we’re not just a tiny club, and we’re open to everyone with different views.”

The Society is also in the midst of creating the Law School’s first gospel choir.

“It’s more in the planning phase, but we thought it would be fun,” said Lyons. “A gospel choir would be a way to take a break from the usual rigmarole to do something fun and challenging, while also taking the mind off other stresses of the week.”

For more information about the CLS, visit its webpage under the Student Organization section of the UConn Law website, or keep an eye out for e-mails about their next meeting.