The End of Law Mail

by Martin Mack

The Pro Se previously reported in October 2013 that student law school emails were going to be phased out in the near future. That future date has almost arrived. Those students that are A) still actively using the law school email (the service, not simply the address), B) giving out the law school email and having it forwarded, C) forwarding email from Gmail (or any email service) to law school email,  D) overseeing a student organization, or E) members of clinics, you should read this article thoroughly.

A) Students Currently Using Law School Email 

Message via webpage

Message via webpage

If you still use your “” email address by logging into “”, you need to 1) take a break from the article and  save all of your old emails (by printing them out or forwarding them individually to your personal accounts), and 2) STOP giving out that address, it will no longer be supported as of February 7, 2014 (you do not want a potential employer to find your resume, fall in love with you and it, send you an email to setup an interview, and have them get a delivery failure message). Notice of this email’s end date was communicated to students as early as August 16, 2013, though the original end date of December 31, 2013 was postponed to give students adequate time to discontinue using it.

B) Students Giving Out the Law School Email (on Resumes or Otherwise)

First and foremost, change your resume. Many students like to use a law school email address on resumes, but these addresses have always had a short lifespan (3-4 years at most), and using a permanent address, through services like Gmail or Yahoo, will ensure employers will always be able to contact you.

Once you have updated your resume don’t forget to change all of the accounts that you have registered using your law school email address. As of January 29, 2013, 115 students were still using the law school email address as their Symplicity login. If you are one of those 115 students, go here now and update your account.

[2/10/14 Update: Patrick Butler of the UConn Law Library sent a follow up email on February 8th to all students regarding this article, reminding students to also update their Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, and CALI accounts. The links to all but Bloomberg have been added here to help student. Bloomberg does not currently offer a way to change the account email address but have been contacted regarding the problem. Any updates will be published here when made available.]

C) Students Forwarding Other Email to Law School Email

Go to your UConn Gmail, your personal Gmail, your Yahoo mail, or whatever account you have and unforward that mail now. This is most important for UConn Gmail accounts as this forward will create an endless forwarding loop when law mail is phased out and emails are forwarded to the UConn Gmail account. Though there may be something poetic about the email clutter we all receive on a daily basis being trapped in some sort of mail purgatory, looping back and forth, endlessly and forever, I assure you this is a problem you need to avoid.

D) E-Board and Managing Members of Student Organizations

When last reporting on the law school emails, a plan for student organizations was not yet in place. Since then, UConn Law IT and UConn UITS have worked out a plan to have each email address individually forwarded to a mailbox. Each organization can select a new Gmail-based email address that old emails will automatically forward to. For example, the Connecticut Law Review’s email address is currently “” That address will continue to work, but it will be accessible, serviced by Google Apps for Education. The new address will be one that the Law Review can pick for themselves, as long as it complies with the university’s naming conventions. Organizations can contact the SBA ( to submit requests.

E) Members of Clinics

Most clinic members are asked by clinic administrators not to use personal email accounts to conduct clinic business. These students were previously using the law school emails for all clinic communications. As these emails are now phased out, the clinics are switching to a new system in which students are assigned shared emails that the clinic staff have control over. Students in these clinics will receive a generic email address that can only be used during the semester. If you are participating in a clinic and do not know your assigned clinic mailbox address, contact the Help Desk with your student Gmail account at

For any further questions regarding the email changes, contact the Help Desk here.