Restaurant Ipsa Loquitor: Blue Plate Kitchen

by Adriene L. Harwill, Pro Se Restaurant Critic

From the perspective of a Connecticut plaintiff’s attorney, eating at Blue Plate Kitchen has something in common with winning treble damages from a major Connecticut insurer: Fresh, Local, and Sustainable. If you are visiting Blue Plate Kitchen for dinner it is worth your time to make a reservation. Don’t lose the consortium that the warm lighting, friendly staff, and locally sourced cocktails provide. The open kitchen and bar create a lively environment. There aren’t many decorations other than a bizarre wall of cereal boxes, but luckily its aesthetic charms don’t give rise to nuisance claims.

Try the New England Side Car ($9) made with aged apple brandy from Westford Hills, Connecticut and New England cranberry bitters. The baby kale Caesar Salad was exceptional, significantly better than the standard Caesar.

Most reviews focus on the main course but Blue Plate Kitchen’s side dishes stood out as excellently executed. The mashed parsnips ($4) were the star of the meal, revealing the vegetable’s subtly sweet caramelized perfume. Dinner Plates ($14-$18) came with an absolutely light and airy buttery brioche popover that was a close second.

The only thing to avoid on their menu is the Simple Salad ($9). The farm to table vibe of the restaurant made me expect that “Blue Plate Kitchen Mixed Greens” would include garden cress, dandelion greens, or the winter-hardy mâche. Although it was mostly romaine, the vinaigrette was good enough to make up for it. You might hear your torts professor or Justice Cardozo saying, volenti non fit iniuria, no injury is done to a willing person (remember the Flopper? 250 N.Y. 479.). The professor would be right. I ate the whole thing.

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Address: 345 N. Main St.

West Hartford, CT 06117