Diary of a 2L

by Sarah Ricciardi

I’m not technologically savvy at all – like I can barely microwave popcorn.  I consider it a major win every time I successfully use a Keurig.  I also don’t trust technology.  Whenever I send an important email, I check my outbox every three minutes to make sure it actually sent.  Sometimes I even send “test” emails to my mom so that she can assure me that she received them.

So you can imagine, I don’t have much confidence in any of the website “portals” that we are forced to rely on as law students. “PeopleSoft” should be called “Haha You can’t check your grades because your browser sucks.” Or better yet – “Just when you find the class you’re looking for, I’m going to take you back to the search screen so that you have to start all over again! Ha!”

And it’s possible that I don’t have a summer job because I’m not qualified and the market is overly saturated, but I think the better argument is that “Symplicity” is a fake job forum that just makes you think you have a chance at getting hired. Whenever I apply for a job via “Symplicity,” I have this nagging feeling that my resume isn’t being forwarded to an employer at all but is actually being sent to an underground bunker where dreams go to die.

I can’t even begin to complain about the law school email system because quite frankly I don’t understand it. @students? @law? @uconn? How about @consistency? If my Facebook newsfeed can figure out that I bought bath towels from Anthropologie, shouldn’t I be able to access my email all in one central place?

You might be saying to yourself, “wow, this chick is overly sensitive.” But I’ve got one word for you: “Exam4.” You spend an entire semester studying your butt off and the only way you will ever get a job is if you make it through this final and then BAM – Exam4 crash! Don’t tell me that you don’t have nightmares about this at least twice a year.

So in the spirit of this rant, here’s a riddle: who hates math and science; is insanely judgmental; and consistently binge drinks before noon? A law student!! And Kathy Lee Gifford.