Dean Fisher’s Inaugural Trip Oversees: A Trip to Israel and Jordan

by Thomas Dargon Jr.

In his first overseas outing as Law School Dean, Timothy Fisher took an eleven-day trip to Israel and Jordan, from January 8-19, 2014, in an effort to reinforce and expand the Law School’s relationships with various law faculties in the Middle East.

In the first nine days, Dean Fisher visited the four major “law faculties” (the Middle East’s version of “law schools”) in Israel: Tel-Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Haifa, and Bar Ilan University.  Dean Fisher was joined by UConn Law Professor Steven Wilf, who is serving as the Elizabeth S. and Richard M. Cashin Fellow at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies and was teaching at Tel-Aviv University this past January.  Professor Wilf knew the law faculty deans in Israel and was instrumental in introducing Fisher.

During visits to the four Israeli universities, Fisher met with counterpart deans and professors from three of the four law faculties, in an effort to discuss what could be done to build on exchange opportunities for students and professors.

Interestingly, Law Professor Yuval Feldman, of Bar Ilan University, is focusing his scholarship on cognitive biases and has contacted UConn Law Professor James Kwak regarding his recent work entitled Cultural Capture and the Financial Crisis, a chapter appearing in the book Preventing Regulatory Capture: Special Interest Influence and How to Limit it.  While in Israel, Dean Fisher also met with UConn Law alumnus Jeffrey Rashba (’88), one of the founding members of the Jewish Law Students’ Association and an attorney practicing international corporate transactions in Jerusalem.

In the final two days of his trip, Fisher visited the University of Jordan, located in the capital city of Amman, where he met with the Dean of the Law Faculty and the Dean of the School of International Relations and Political Science to discuss the potential for building a relationship between the University and the Law School.  Members of the Law Faculty at the University of Jordan said that they anticipate Jordan will be the first true democracy in the Arab world, and Fisher was eager to discuss how the Law School could build exchange opportunities in Jordan.

Fisher was particularly “impressed with the emphasis on education and human rights; in many ways, the status of women in higher education in Jordan is more advanced than it is in the United States.”  He also met with Dr. Rana Tahboub, Director General of the Insurance Commission of Jordan, to discuss the potential for establishing relationships between the Law School’s insurance faculty and regulators of the insurance industry in Jordan.

Students interested in pursuing international exchange opportunities, or discussing how an international exchange experience can positively impact their career, are encouraged to contact Carrianna Field, Deputy Director of International Exchange.