UConn Law Launches S.J.D. Program

by Qihao He

UConn Law welcomes its first three S.J.D. candidates from 2013. The S.J.D. Program (Doctor of the Science of Law) is intended for individuals who have demonstrated evidence of superior scholarly potential and who are engaged in, or plan to pursue, careers in academia, government service, or the judiciary, according to the Law School website. The first three S.J.D. candidates are Irakli Kldiashvili from Georgia, Angelina Reif from Austria, and Qihao He from China.

Candidates accepted into the Program must have the ability to conduct sustained and original academic or professional research at a high intellectual level, as most have already completed an L.L.M., culminating in the submission of a doctoral dissertation. The principal researchers and contributors are Professor and former Dean Hugh Macgill, Professor Mark W. Janis, and Professor Kurt Strasser. Professor Mark W. Janis serves as the Program’s academic administrator.

Irakli Kldiashvili received his LL.M degree from UConn in 2005. Before rejoining UConn Law, he held various high ranking positions in the Georgian government, including Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Interior and State Security. Now his research area is Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. He said that over nearly 20 years, his career had gone through the establishment of Georgian government.

Qihao He had a similar educational experience at UConn. He received his LLM in Insurance Law from UConn last year and now does further research on Insurance Law with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Angelina Reif joined UConn Law at the beginning of the 2013 academic year as a doctoral candidate in the S.J.D. program. Prior to joining UConn Law, she studied at the University of Vienna, Austria, where she earned both a Masters in Law and a Masters in Political Science. Angelina’s main fields of interest lie in the area of international human rights law. For her S.J.D, she intends to focus her research on the justifiability of the right to food.