Diary of a 2L

by Sarah Ricciardi

We whined and moaned about the cold weather all winter. Every time it snowed, there was an exaggerated, unified groan from all of New England. And as law students, we’re already a pretty cranky bunch of wankers. We were mad when class wasn’t cancelled. And we were mad when it was.

Now that the weather has finally decided to behave itself (*fingers crossed), we are pissed about that too. With finals looming over our heads, our time is spent crunched over casebooks in the basement of the library. I find myself gazing out the window and cursing Mother Nature for being such a selfish &*@$%. I can count the number of hours of daylight that I have free from indoor obligations on one hand, and I usually spend those hours complaining about my lack of free time rather than enjoying the sun while I can.

The UConn Law Facebook page recently posted a picture of campus with the caption “It is a beautiful day for studying outside!” I thought to myself, “That’s such a lie!” Who can honestly say they can study outside when it’s gorgeous out? Sure I can spread out a blanket on the lawn, open my Land Use text, and uncap a highlighter, but is that really studying? I’m almost positive my focus will not remain on Kelo v. City of New London for very long.

 “Petitioner Susette Kelo has lived in the Fort Trumbull area since 1997. She has made extensive improvements to her house – wait, wasn’t her house pink?  I want a pink house. I’d put flowers in the front yard. Probably yellow flowers – like those over there. Those are great flowers. I wonder who planted them. Do gardeners make good money? I bet they make minimum wage. Unless they own a nursery. I’d hate to own a nursery. Not a flower nursery – a baby nursery – I would HATE to own a baby nursery. Ugh babies. They are so loud and smelly. I’ll stick with dogs. I really want a dog.  Aw, look a dog. Jealous….” As I’m sure you can imagine, I didn’t finish reading Kelo. Instead, I started Googling pet adoption on my iPhone, which of course led to checking email and then posting a status update on Facebook about how unproductive I am.

So my advice for the next few weeks is to stuff your face with candy and baked goods so that you feel slightly more self-conscious and won’t want to be seen by anyone.  Then maybe you’ll stay inside and study. Works like a charm for me.