Fisher Gives Year End Wrap-Up

by Erin O’Dea 

Law School Dean Tim Fisher summed up the school’s accomplishments over the past academic year to the Law School community in his year-end talk on Tuesday, April 22.

The Dean began by praising the Law School’s rankings, including that of the Connecticut Law Review, which is ranked 36th in the nation and the evening program, which is ranked among the highest in the nation.

Fisher also applauded the students and new faculty on campus.  He emphasized the incredible array of student-initiated events, including the different symposia held by the journals on campus as well as the Diversity Week events.

The most pertinent statistic Fisher touched on for current students, who will most likely not receive the benefits of the full effect of the Dean’s long-term plans, was the increase in UConn Law students in post-graduate clerkship positions and how jobs opportunities are expanding for UConn Law students in D.C., Boston, and New York.

In next recognizing the challenging time for law schools across the nation, the Fisher addressed the decline in applications.  He believes that applications to the Law School will be stabilizing soon but will never be at the levels they were years ago.

Fisher said he wants to take this upcoming year as an opportunity to examine the position the Law School is in and make it even better.  In order to do so, he plans to implement three strategies.  First, focusing on training tomorrow’s lawyers.  Next, by contributing to the engine and economic growth of our nation.  Third, by helping to build a healthier society.

Before opening the floor up to questions, Fisher declared that it is a “tough time for law schools but it’s great time for UConn, and I know this wonderful school has a secure future and incredibly bright path ahead.”