Poll: Class of 2014’s Preferences

by Martin Mack

Thanks everyone who participated in the survey for this Commencement Issue. The results are very interesting.

Highest responses: (Q1) Favorite Bar, Half Door (33%); (Q2) Post-Grad Destination, Hartford (37%); (Q3) Favorite 1L Class, Contracts (35%); (Q4) Favorite Professor, Kurlantzick (13%); (Q5) Place to eat, Truffles (22%); (Q6) Favorite Floor, Fifth (32%); (Q7) Favorite coffee, “don’t drink” (39%); (Q8) Won’t miss, Finals/Papers (27%); and (Q9) Favorite newspaper, Pro Se (100%).

1L Class & Library

With roughly a third of respondents choosing the Half Door, over one fifth choosing Truffles, and nearly 40% going on to work in Hartford, it is clear this 2014 graduating class whole-heartedly agrees with Stephen Stills and his 1970 folk anthem about love. I for one support these results, and will miss Hartford, the lovely ladies at Truffles, and the friendly service at Half Door.

There is no consensus as to a favorite professor, with love universally spread to almost the entire faculty (though Kurlantzick, Strasser, and Fernow had the largest fan-bases). Additionally, the verdict is out about the least desirable aspects of law school, with “Finals/Papers” winning at 27% and “OCI/Job Concerns” tying with  “Grades/B-Medians” at 25%.

The most surprising result of the survey is that almost 40% of respondents claim not to drink coffee. As one finds with graduate surveys, I expect that this number will change when the Pro Se follows up nine-months out.

Some statistics were as expected, with the regional reputation of the school confirmed: 84% of students will be staying in the CT, MA, & NY areas. Apparently I am the only student taking my talents to South Beach.

I’m not sure if the results of the question six reflect student aspirations for that top floor corner office, but the higher the floor of the library, the more students prefer it: over 60% of respondents choose the 4th or 5th floors. Only three students chose the 1st floor, which is probably how it stays so quiet.

And finally, 100% of respondents confirmed what we already knew: Pro Se is your favorite UConn Law Newspaper. So thanks again for that as well!