Sneak Peek: Getting Involved at UConn Law

by Jaime Welsh


Student organizations are an excel- lent way to meet your peers and get involved with an activity that interests you. UConn Law’s student organizations range from affinity groups to those that are more academically focused. Here is a brief glimpse of some of the student organizations on campus.

Public Interest Law Group

The Public Interest Law Group (PILG) is one of the largest and most involved student organizations at UConn Law. In addition to running and organizing the PILG Auction, which provides fellowships to law students who take summer public interest positions, PILG coordinates most of the pro bono opportunities on campus. There are numerous pro bono programs and the time commitments vary from one or two days a year, to once or twice per week.

For a minimal time commitment, law students should consider volunteering at the Keep the Power On Clinic. The Keep the Power On Clinic occurs twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, and it allows students to work with primarily low-income individuals who have trouble paying their utility bills. Student help clients prepare bud- gets, make recommendations on how to cut expenses, and advise on avail- able aid programs. Students then advocate on behalf of their clients to the utility companies and mediate a payment plan.

For a moderate time commitment, the Truancy Intervention Project is a great opportunity for a law student interested in child advocacy. Under the Truancy Intervention Project, law students are paired with a truant middle school student in the New Britain public school system. Law student volunteers accept a yearlong commitment to mentor their student and work to re- solve the underlying issues behind the student’s truancy.

“Not only is it an incredibly reward- ing working with and advocating for school age children, but it is also an excellent way to meet other attorneys and members of the Connecticut legal community,” said UConn Law student participant Nicole Gehen.

RACE ipsa

RACE ipsa is a new student organization and anyone interested is encouraged to join. “All skill levels are welcome, and the more the merrier,” said RACE ipsa Vice Pres
ident Laura Ann Keller.

RACE ipsa members participate in fun runs, obstacle races, and standard road races. On Thursday, 
August 21st, RACE ipsa members ran in the Hartford Riverfront Scramble, which was a “whacky” 5k course that brought participants through wet sand, rocky hills, river crossings, and grassy knolls, according to the Hartford Marathon website. The Hartford Riverfront Scramble was RACE ipsa’s first official run as a team.

“It’s a great way to blow off steam after a long day of studying,” notes Keller. Perks of joining RACE ipsa include group discount codes for local races and networking opportunities with local lawyers. If you are interested in getting further information, email them at raceipsa.uconn@         

Lambda Law Society

The Lambda Law Society has a three-pronged mission that focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. It aims to: develop awareness of the challenges facing LGBT individuals and communities through aca- demic events, advocacy, and outreach; provide a support network and rep- resent the interests of LGBT students on campus; and work to eliminate all forms of discrimination for the LGBT community.

off steam after a long day of studying,” notes Keller. Perks of joining RACE ipsa include group discount codes for local races and networking oppor- tunities with local lawyers. If you are interested in getting

Some of the Lambda Law Society’s past events include an ice cream so- cial in honor of National Coming Out Week, participation in UConn Law’s Diversity Week, and co-sponsoring a fall symposium analyzing the legal landscape after the U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor.