Untangling the Web at UConn Law

Pro Se Staff

Between passwords for Peoplesoft, LexisNexis (Lexis), Westlaw, your NETID, and the 30 other alphanumeric sequences you have to remember for Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter, it might make it seem like the thrive of technology is more of a burden than
a convenience. That said, the internet is still probably the best thing for our generation, and there are tools that make lives a lot easier on the web, specifically the ones that are available at UConn Law. Lexis and Westlaw have formal training sessions and classes that go over the subtleties of research tools, but the newly-redesigned UConn Law website also offers a variety of resources that are right at your fingertips.

For example, the academics tab offers specific information on dual degree programs, certificate programs, and (the now-mandatory) clinic programs. Even though grade distributions are not readily available online, there is a lot of information on classes that can supplement your degree and offer insight into what courses make the most sense. The calendar offered in the same academic tab gives an advanced look on exam schedules, holidays, and deadlines for dropping classes.

For those law students who have it all figured out and know exactly what type of law they want to study, research guides that serve as “how-to” guides give information on how to stay connected with timely news for all areas from administrative law to trademark law to the ever-popular tax law. These resources can all be found under the research tab on the same main page. There are a variety of ways to get ahold of library staff via the website as well as several tools to help you find information and how to get books.

All in all, these areas are great, but we all know that what matters the most to a majority of us are exams and grades. There is an exam archive on the web- site that has a lot of former exams from UConn Law professors which, if nothing else, show the type of material you can expect. A UConn NETID login is required.

Check out the student portal for information on student organizations, graduation requirements, and much more. And most importantly – for breaking news and school updates, check out Pro Se Online at: https://uconnlawprosenews.wordpress.com/.