Welcome from the Student Bar Association

Welcome incoming 1Ls! This fall, you are embarking on the journey that we call law school. The next three years promise to be some of the most enlightening and reward- ing years of your education to date. Law school and the legal profession provide an incredible opportunity to engage in study and work which is both fulfilling and pro- vides the opportunity to help others. On behalf of the Student Bar Association, the representative body for the student body at large, I want to welcome you to the law school community.

One of the hallmarks of UCONN Law is its collegial atmosphere. While each and every student at the law school faces their own individual challenges, rest assured that you will find a group of highly motivated students, talented faculty, and supportive administrative staff, which will all combine to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Do not be afraid to take advantage of all of these resources throughout each of the successes and challenges you experience.

Law school is likely one of the most demanding experiences you have faced during your educational career and there will be challenges along the way. In an attempt to stay grounded, it is important to remember two things. First, everyone struggles at some point or another along the way. Second, and more importantly, only you control your own journey; that is, try to avoid the temptation of comparing and judging your- self against your peers. If you can focus on the things you need to do in order to find success, rather than what others do or say, you will ultimately be more successful.

Finally, know that the Student Bar Association, along with the dozens of other stu- dent organizations spanning almost every conceivable area of interest, are here to sup- port you. Again, welcome and enjoy the ride.

All the best,
Jim Anderson and the SBA E-Board