Don’t Forget: Your Computer Needs to Prepare for Finals Too

By Jessica de Perio Wittman, Director for Information Technology

It’s that time of year again: exam time. In this article, the Information Technology Services Department is providing students with some quick technology reminders to ensure that your computer is just as prepared for finals as you are.

For most classes, students have the option to use their personal computers to take their exams. If you are thinking about taking your exam on your laptop, the first step you need to do is to install or reinstall Exam4 onto your computer. You can do this starting November 10th and must do so even if Exam4 is already on your computer. Simply go to and fill in the appropriate information to download and install the program.

 After the program is installed, it is strongly suggested that students take a practice exam. This process validates the software and ensures that there are no problems that could cause students delay on exam day. Don’t worry: this whole process should not take more than ten minutes. For step-by-step directions, please visit: If you have any concerns about the technical requirements of Exam4, they can be viewed at Exam4’s website at:

 If you have successfully completed all of these steps then you have done all you need to do to prepare your computer for finals. If you plan on using a school computer, make sure to reserve it in advance. Lastly, remember, you can find your exam schedule at any time by visiting: Good luck with finals!