Student Organization Spotlight: Corporate and Securities Law Society

By Ashkon Roozbehani

UConn Law’s Corporate and Securities Law Society (CSLS), a student organization devoted to the practice of business and corporate law, promotes opportunities for students to learn about the field and speak with legal professionals. The group has several events planned for the academic year, all of which are designed to get students more comfortable with networking and gain a better picture of what it means to practice in a complex and prevalent area of law.

CSLS’s first event of the fall semester will feature Attorney Mary-Ellen Devlin, the Executive Director of Intellectual Property at Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation. Attorney Devlin will be sharing her experiences working as in-house counsel within the pharmaceutical/IP industry in an intimate lunch-and-learn format. CSLS also plans to sponsor a similar event in the spring that will host one of UConn Law’s newest faculty members, Professor Jeremy McClane.

“We do our best to get professionals from all aspects of corporate law so students can understand the breadth of the practice,” says CSLS president, Ashley Membrino. “Speakers are typically very candid about their work-life balance and are always willing to give advice to students.”

The organization’s flagship event, “Corporate Raw,” is held annually in the spring and invites a panel of corporate attorneys and professionals to discuss their experiences with students and answer questions. The word “Raw” in the title connotes that sushi is traditionally served at the event (indeed, the event is so popular that UConn Law’s Student Bar Association felt compelled to adopt express budget guidelines regarding the reimbursement of raw foods in response to it). Why sushi was chosen to be the hallmark is a mystery hidden within the legislative history of CSLS founders. However, what is certain is that Corporate Raw is an informative and worthwhile event that all members of the UConn Law community are encouraged to attend.

For more information on CSLS and how to join, contact Ashley Membrino at You can also subscribe to their TWEN page. Keep an eye out for community emails.