Top Ten Books That Were Retained After Library Throws Out Regional and State Reporters

By Drew Hillier

  1. Werewolves, Magical Hounds, and Dog-headed Men in Celtic Literature : A Typological Study of Shape-shifting
  1. Civil Code of the Empire of Ethiopia of 1960
  1. Case Studies of Costs and Benefits of Non-Tariff Measures: Cheese, Shrimp and Flowers [Microform]
  1. The Little Book of Cowboy Law
  1. Russian Journalism and Politics, 1861-1881
  1. Law, Lawyers, and Lambs
  1. Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex
  1. Sir Henry Maine: A Study in Victorian Jurisprudence
  1. Doped up, Knocked up, and . . . Locked Up?
  1. The Etablissements de Saint Louis : Thirteenth-century Law Texts from Tours, Orléans, and Paris