Annual Loiselle Moot Court Competition

By Nina Pelc-Faszcza

Did you enjoy Moot Court this winter or want another chance to practice and improve your oral advocacy skills? Do you want to participate in a fun and highly respected on-campus competition? If any of the above describes you, then sign up to participate in the annual Alva P. Loiselle Moot Court Competition! Loiselle is one of two annual intrascholastic moot court competitions at UConn Law, both of which are great opportunities to practice your oral advocacy skills as well as to gain membership on the Connecticut Moot Court Board.

Unlike the winter-term Moot Court course, the Loiselle competition is a closed-universe team competition (and more good news: no brief!); all participants will compete in teams of two, and are given an opportunity to argue both sides of the case. The top four teams and a handful of individuals with the highest preliminary round scores will be offered membership on the Moot Court Board.

The Moot Court Board is a student-run organization comprised of individuals who achieve distinction in appellate advocacy. Membership on the Board carries with it an academic transcript designation, the opportunity to participate in regional and national moot court competitions (for which you can receive academic credit), and the opportunity to judge future competitions. Board membership and competing in Loiselle are highly valued by many employers.

The Loiselle problem packet will be released to competitors shortly after Spring Break, and preliminary rounds will take place from April 6th to April 10th. Teams that make it to the final rounds will have the unique opportunity to present their oral argument in front of an esteemed panel of judges, including justices of the Connecticut Supreme Court and Connecticut Appellate Court.

If you have any interest in oral or appellate advocacy, please sign up for Loiselle! Stay tuned for emails with further details about the competition, and feel free to email Milan Moore at with any questions you may have about the competition in the meantime.