Diary of a 3L

By: Sarah Jane Ricciardi

Graduation is right around the corner. In a little over two months, we will be vigorously shaking hands with Dean Fisher and waving a fond farewell to UConn Law. After speaking with some of last year’s graduates, it has come to my attention that being a “grown-up” may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. I’ve spent the last three years whining about law school, but maybe it is time to really appreciate the best parts of being a law student.

The Schedule. This is literally the last time you will be able to enjoy sleeping in on a Tuesday and day drinking on a Thursday. And forget the $6 matinee at New Park Ave. When you’re a “grown-up,” even your weekends are shot. Saturdays will be for laundry and grocery shopping. And Sundays will be for sleeping and catching up on work before your Monday morning meeting. Fun will be restricted to Friday night happy hours, complete with fried apps and fruity-tooty cocktails. See below.

Your Waistline. While law school isn’t great for your overall fitness, it has to be better than a M-F job where you literally sit on your lazy bottom for 10 hours a day. Sure, you eat a lot of pizza and Chinese food in law school, but you also have time for afternoon gym sessions. As a “grown-up,” you’ll be lucky if you pass a gym on your drive to the drycleaners. Worst of all, do you know what offices are famous for??? Birthdays. And do you know what birthdays mean??? Cake…. And cookies… and donuts … and maybe even double fudge brownies – occasionally with sprinkles. No one brings “birthday salad” to work. Maybe hummus. But probably not.

Email. Law students receive a lot of email. The only people to receive more? Lawyers. Your smartphone in law school was a wondrous device that provided you with endless hours of Candy Crush. As a “grown-up,” your phone is evil incarnate. The “ping” of an incoming email will be tantamount to a close-range gunshot.

Stress-Free Lifestyle. Yes, law school is stressful. But which is worse: turning in a research paper a day late or filing a brief 4 minutes late and losing your client’s case and probably your job? What about pulling an all-nighter once a semester during finals or pulling an all-nighter once a week because you aren’t hitting your billables? Face it: a B- in Intellectual Property is way better than being held in contempt for utter incompetence.

So enjoy these last few months of freedom. The bar exam is looming.