Parking Changes Coming to UConn Law

By Sidd Sinha

Beginning in July, law school professors will need to pay for an “Area 2” parking permit. The rates are adjusted based on salary and are broken down in the chart below that was e-mailed out by the UConn Professional Employees Association (UCEPA):


Salary Rate % Daily Bi-weekly Semester Annual
$37,500.00 and less 50% $0.42 $4.17 $108.50
$37,501.00-$64,500.00 75% $0.63 $6.26 $162.75
$64,501.00 and up 100% $0.83 $8.35 $217.00


Currently, there is little information on the change that is taking place. Faculty still have the option to park on the street but the new enforcement does the raise the question of ticketing in general. Students are required to purchase a parking pass each year but no tickets have been seen issued for anyone parking without a permit.

Furthermore, there is little information available about any need to acquire parking passes for events that have guests come to the Law School or speakers that are only present on the campus for the day. The exact details have not been released but the passes will be transferable in some degree across regional campuses and garages. More information is likely to be released as the change takes place at the beginning of the fiscal year this coming summer.