Student Org Spotlight: Mock Trial Society

By Yekaterina Bychko

UConn Law hosts a variety of student organizations and clubs, many of which are focused on improving key skills later used as a practicing attorney. One such club is the Mock Trial Society (MTS), which provides a platform for students interested in trial work.

What previously was a club for those already talented and looking to hone their skill sets, is now an all-inclusive organization with a self-teaching learning model. Chris Stanton ‘16, Treasurer of the Mock Trial Society, described the organization as being “a home base for anyone interested in trial work.”

In the past year, MTS has re-vamped their organizational tree to now include scrimmage teams. This provides trial experience for an additional 45 students beyond the limited competition team positions.

Stanton stated that MTS, “want[s] to build upon the enthusiasm we see each Fall in the 60 plus 1Ls that participate in the Davis competition. Our goal is to engage and aid all students interested in trial work and provide an avenue of competition and growth, all while representing UConn Law at regional and national competitions.”

Where will the Davis Mock Trial Competition go in the years to come? The Executive Board has began reaching out to local firms and using local attorneys as coaches. The goal for next year is to continue fostering those relationships to grow an even stronger organization. Not only does it increase MTS’s competitive edge, the experience creates lasting connections between students and local trial attorneys.

The Mock Trial Society hopes to become a core piece of every student’s experience at UConn Law.