UConn Law Survey On Student Engagement

Starting March 30, UConn Law students will have the chance to provide feedback to the UConn Law administration as part of the law school’s participation in the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, or, “LSSSE.”

LSSSE is a nationwide independent research project that provides participating law schools with the ability to learn about which educational practices students find most effective. The survey, which will be tailored specifically to UConn Law, provides student respondents with a series of questions pertaining to their academic and extracurricular lives at UConn Law.

Assistant Director of Student Services Jennifer Cerny said UConn Law will utilize the responses to check in with students and measure their level of on-campus engagement.

“This survey gives us insight into the student body and helps our law school figure out the best ways to reach students and better meet their needs,” she said. “It takes into account everything from how students use services on campus, to engagement in (and out of) the classroom, to providing data to justify programs and campus initiatives”

The survey contains questions inquiring about a range of topics, from a student’s frequency in participating in the classroom to a student’s personal and professional development. Students may answer these questions from a spectrum of answers, ranging from “very much” to “very little.”

In addition to the pointed survey questions, students will also have the opportunity to fill out an additional, open-ended comments section. Cerny urged students to take the time to fill out this section.

“The most helpful part of the survey is the comments students write about their experience at UConn Law.” Cerny said. “We want valuable, honest feedback about the law school.”

Cerny said once the law school collects the anonymous responses, members of UConn Law’s administration read every comment and use these comments to gauge where improvements to the law school are most necessary.

UConn Law first participated in the survey in 2011 and had a response rate of 64.8%, surpassing the national average of 52% Cerny said she hopes to surpass that number this year.

“It’s really important for every student to take the time to do the survey,” she said. “This is one of the few ways to offer feedback about one’s overall experience completely anonymously.”

Cerny said UConn Law made a number of changes in response to the feedback it received during the 2011 survey.

“It is easy to justify big changes on campus with the power of the student body behind the changes,” she said. “To help us make these changes happen, everybody needs to participate.”

In addition to using the data as a way to collect useful feedback about our campus culture, it also serves as a tool to compare UConn Law with similar law schools.

“We are able to compare ourselves to both our peer schools and the other 189 law schools that participate in LSSSE,” Cerny said. “That’s the global idea of the survey.”

Students that complete the survey will be entitled to a yet-to-be-determined giveaway. Cerny said, however, students should also be incentivized by the desire to provide their anonymous feedback about how to improve the UConn Law experience.

Survey invitations will be sent on March 24, with the actual survey period running from March 30 through April 16. For more information about the LSSSE, students may contact Jennifer Cerny or visit http://www.lssse.iub.edu/.