Vol. VIII – Issue No. 1

September 27, 2013

UCONN: Rebranding the University

by Nina Pelc-Faszcza

RebrandingThe University of Connecticut is rapidly gaining national and global recognition. Because of this exciting new potential to be among the most well-known universities in the country and acknowledged for its outstanding academic caliber, the University decided to move forward this year with a strategic rebranding.

Starting the journey almost eighteen months ago, the University’s communications team conducted extensive research on how to best establish UConn in the marketplace of higher education and athletics, including, but not limited to, surveys from and conversations with current students, prospective students, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, and personnel from other universities. They also conducted research as to how the other top public universities in the country most effectively market themselves.

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Fisher Names First Associate Dean
for Clinical and Experiential Education

by Sidd Sinha

With new clinical requirements soon to affect every student on campus, one of the most important decisions was deciding who to lead such an initiative. This month, Law School Dean Timothy Fisher named Professor Paul Chill the Law School’s first Associate Dean for Clinical and Experiential Education.

In this new position, Chill will oversee all the school’s clinical and experiential programs, and implementation of the clinical requirement. With expectations of this role to help develop students’ ability to get practical experience, Chill is confident that the program and his appointment will be beneficial to the student body, which is just one of a series of initiatives by the school as a whole.

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The New UConn Law Website

by Martin Mack

UConn Law WebsiteAs many students may have noticed, the law school updated its website on August 15, 2013, before the start of the semester. What many students might not realize is that the process for rolling out the new website began just seven months prior, on January 11.

I sat down with Jessica de Perio Wittman (Director of Information Technology Services), Michelle Helmin (Director of Communications), and Donald Babcock (Web Programmer), members of the Website Development Team (“WDT”) (in addition to Bianca Slota of communications and Karen DeMeola of student affairs), to discuss the school’s new website and gain insight into its creation, design, features, and future developments.

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UConn Law Welcomes Diverse Class of
First-Year Students

by Liz O’Donnell

2013 OrientationUConn Law welcomed 154 first-year students to campus in August that will make up the classes of 2016 (day) and 2017 (evening).

The newly matriculated Huskies boast a median LSAT score of 158 and a median undergraduate GPA of 3.46, according to the office of admissions. Approximately 28% of the incoming class hails from states other than Connecticut. After participating in orientation activities and learning about life at the Law School, the newly matriculated Huskies now face the challenges that come with adjusting to their first year.

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UConn Law Welcomes Five New Professors


by Joseph Gasser
UConn Law received several new professors this fall along with the entering 1L class.  Five new professors have joined the staff, both in clinical and lecturing capacities According to Assistant Dean of Students, Karen DeMeola. The new professors are Molly Land, Doug Spencer, Joseph DeGirolamo, John Cogan, and Brendan Maher.

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Keeping Neighborhood Crime Off Campus

by Jaime Welsh

EmergencyThe September 2nd armed robbery on the corner of Fern Street and Girard Avenue has sparked questions on the prevalence of crime in and around campus.

According to Sergeant Kurpiewski from the UConn Police Department, the September incident was the first violent crime reported in the area since he transferred to the Law School from Storrs about one and a half years ago. Kurpiewski said that “crime [in the area] is relatively low.” Despite investigating one laptop theft last year, most of what the UConn Police Department does is conduct a proactive approach to prevent crime.  This includes conducting regular rounds in every building, maintaining a visible presence, and talking with visitors.

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