Vol. VIII – Issue No. 2

October 30, 2013

Graduate Job Stats Improving, But More Work To Be Done

by Jaime Welsh

UConn Law Graduation 2013

It’s hard to ignore on campus that many students are feeling the stress of securing summer associate positions and post-graduation employment. The most recent jobs data for the class of 2012 shows an increase from the 2011 numbers, but UConn Law still lags behind the national average for students in JD-required positions.

For nine months post-graduation, of the 199 graduates in 2012, 114 secured employment in a “bar passage required” position; 36 graduates secured “J.D. advantage” positions; 17graduates had “professional positions;” 2 secured a “non-professional position;” 5 graduates were “not seeking” a job; 5 graduates were pursuing a graduate degree full time; and 15 graduates were “unemployed and seeking” a job. There were five graduates whose employment status was unknown.

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Rush Limbaugh Targets UConn Law Student on Healthcare

by Sidd Sinha

brendan mahoney

With the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” and a government shutdown dominating the headlines, one would only expect for these issues to hit Connecticut in some form. What has raised some eyebrows, though, was when one of the advocates for the government shutdown targeted a UConn Law student to make his point.

Rush Limbaugh, well known for his conservative radio show, broadcasted his opinion of Brendan Mahoney, a 3L UConn Law student, being an example of the inefficiency of the program.

“Here we have a future lawyer…and he’s been converted into a welfare case. And that ladies and gentleman is the objective,” Limbaugh said on his show in early October. “When you strip it all away, this shows how all of this is really designed to work.”

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Law School Administration Takes Grade Distributions Offline

by Martin Mack

broken link

Many students may notice that previous semesters’ grade distributions have been removed from the UConn Law website. The distributions had been previously available before the website revamp, though as discussed in last month’s issue, the new website contains roughly ten percent of the previous pages. Though some of the missing content will return, as of now, the grade distributions will not. The SBA reports that students can access the distributions in the Registrar’s Office, and evening students can call the Registrar to schedule after hours appointments.

The decision not to repost the grade distributions on the website was made by the Registrar after consulting the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Leslie Levin. Levin reported that she had been unaware that the distributions had been on the old website, and felt their inclusion on the new website would “do more harm than good by encouraging some students to select their courses based on the likelihood of obtaining a good grade rather than on the educational benefits that they would derive.”

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Seven New Courses Offered for Spring Semester

by Liz O’Donnell

Spring Courses

Students registering for classes this month had seven new course offerings to choose from for the spring semester. UConn Law added the new classes, ranging from Spanish for Lawyers I and II, to Connecticut’s Environmental Laws: An Introduction, in order to address different areas of the legal field in which students may be interested.

Leslie Levin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, said each of the new courses came about as a result of different needs of students and expertise of faculty members.

“Each course has a different genesis,” she said.

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