Special Edition

Parking Services to Begin Ticketing Monday

By Madiha Malik ‘16

Parking services will begin issuing tickets on Monday, February 15th to those who park in the Law School parking lots without a proper permit. According to Parking Services Officer Wayne Farrell, this measure comes after a four-week effort by Parking Services to bring awareness of the new parking regulations to drivers.

During the first two weeks of the semester, Parking Services issued orange notices to notify members of the community of upcoming enforcement.

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During the third week, warnings were issued without fines to those who were found parked in a lot without a proper permit. Warnings are generated through a ticketing machine, which records the incident as well as other information including the license plate number and a reason for the warning.

The final phase of the enforcement rollout will commence on Monday, when parking citations will be issued along with fines. According to Farrell, those who have not yet received a warning will likely receive a warning without a fine before they are ticketed.

There are no repercussions for multiple citations when the fines are paid, but multiple unpaid tickets could result in consequences including towing the vehicle until the fines are paid, according to Farrell.

For those who choose to park on the road, outside of the parking lots, Farrell advises that street parking is controlled by the City of Hartford and not by Parking Services.

Parking in the Law School parking lots will be enforced Monday–Friday from 7am– 5pm. For general information regarding parking enforcement, including parking fines and purchasing parking permits, visit http://park.uconn.edu/.

Any questions about the parking policy, or about any tickets received, can be addressed to UConn Parking Services atparkingservices@uconn.edu, or by calling 860-486-4930.