Pro Se

  • Pronunciation: ‘prO-‘sA, -‘sE
  • Function: adv or adj Etymology: Latin (for oneself)
  • Definition: on one’s own behalf: without an attorney


Pro Se is the official on-campus newspaper of the University of Connecticut School of Law.  The student newspaper was founded in April of 2005 in order to provide a voice to the student body and a forum to discuss important issues relevant to the law students.

The periodical comes out monthly, and UConn Law students report on, write, and edit all of the articles.  We report on law school events, local news, and national and international matters.  We feature a number of monthly columns from students in D.C. and abroad.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at prose@uconn.edu.

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2015-2016 Academic Year Editor Board:

  • Editors-In-Chief:  Nina Pelc-Faszcza & Madiha Malik
  • Technology Manager: St.John McCloskey
  • Faculty Advisor: Jessica Panella